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Carol Morgan

Carol Morgan was born and raised in Escazú, Costa Rica.  In 1994 she moved to Minnesota to attend Augsburg College where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Minor in Accounting.  After a successful career in Resource Management and Data Analytics she returned to school to earn her Health Coach Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®. She continues to live in Minnesota and currently sits on the Board of Directors of Spiral Natural Foods, in Hastings. 

Carol’s journey in nutrition began in Costa Rica, where she was first exposed to nourishment through wholesome foods.  The lifestyle back then was healthy with plenty of outdoor activity, nurturing relationships and clean food.  When she moved to Minnesota as a recent high school graduate she encountered the typical dorm-room diet that has landed so many of us with the “freshman 10”: those extra 10 (or 20+ pounds) we gain the first year of college and often never lose.  In addition to the poor diet she lived a busy college lifestyle which continued throughout her corporate career.  Chasing success meant late nights working, hectic early mornings and plenty of multi-tasking.  In the midst of this came marriage, two children and the subsequent pivotal moment that turned her interests back to her roots: the realization that she was chronically ill. 

At this point Carol realized that conventional medicine was not working; her husband also had his share of chronic ailments and they needed to make a change.  Through much research and subsequent formal education, Carol became aware of the impact that lifestyle has on health.  She transformed her and her family’s life by learning that food is information, that the kind of information we feed our body is more important than the quantity and that overarching is the balance between our career, relationships, spirituality and physical activity.  With this knowledge in hand Carol has set on a mission to spread this message of well-being.  Through Health Coaching she is helping clients around the world improve their relationship with food and reconnect with their health.   


A personal note from Carol

I am passionate about healthy living and love working with busy individuals who need help with nutrition, life balance and self-care management.  After living over two years medication-free I am a firm believer that the human body, given the right nourishment, will heal itself by itself.    I see the state of health of the nation and the world as a challenge of utmost importance, one that can only be tackled by individuals becoming aware of it and taking ownership of their own health.  The greatest satisfaction in my job is to see the lives of my clients unfold before me and transform.  I am happy, I feel great and I want to share this with you! Connect with me to learn more or to schedule your free initial consultation. 

Love and good health!



My family’s mango farm in San Mateo, Costa Rica, where I learned to swim, ride horses, and eat well.

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